Dr. Kathryn Rheem, Director

Kathryn is a Certified EFT trainer, supervisor & therapist. She has trained hundreds of mental health clinicians in EFT nationally and internationally. She has been a student of EFT since 2002, has been using this empirically-validated approach exclusively in private practice since 2005, and continues to study and learn the model daily. 

Kathryn trains and presents EFT regularly at many locations in U.S. including the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, AAMFT Annual Conference, state divisions of AAMFT, and EFT Summit and has taught EFT in Denmark, Sweden, Holland, and Germany.

She works extensively with couples where one or both partners have endured trauma and has written and presented on the application of EFT with trauma numerous times. In addition to the application of EFT with trauma, Kathryn has a special passion for working with and teaching the Withdrawer Re-engagement process. For her doctoral dissertation, Kathryn completed the first analysis of Withdrawer Re-engagement, and she enjoys teaching clinicians how to come alongside and work with Withdrawers. Kathryn was voted a Top Couples Therapist in Washington, D.C. by the Washingtonian magazine in December 2012.

Kathryn Rheem:

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Michelle is a Licensed Professional Counselor working as an Independent Contractor for the Washington Baltimore Center for EFT. Through her work at WBCEFT, Michelle nurtures her passion for helping couples move from disconnection to connection, repair betrayal wounds, and establish a secure bond. An ardent believer in Emotionally Focused Therapy, she approaches her work with a strong foundation in the science of love and attachment, and considers herself to be a perpetual learner with a never-ending curiosity about human relationships. Drawing on a background in English literature and writing, Michelle often incorporates the use of metaphor, and sees our primary love relationships like a beautiful orchid -- amazingly resilient but simultaneously sensitive to changes in the environment. In her work with couples, Michelle is attuned to and tends to the needs of the relationship while helping each partner learn how to reach and grow toward each other.

Michelle earned her Master’s Degree in Counseling from George Mason University, and has experience treating adult survivors of trauma and individuals with eating disorders. Michelle maintains a dedication to the clients she works with, and a commitment to providing a safe, non-judgmental environment. For more information or to schedule an appointment, Michelle can be reached at

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Emily Margaret Brown, M.S. MFT Resident

WBCEFT is proud to offer reduced fee therapy provided by Marriage & Family Therapy Resident Emily M. Brown. Emily has a Master's of Science in Human Development and is supervised by Dr. Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D., LMFT, Director of WBCEFT, AAMFT-Approved Supervisor and International Trainer of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT).

Emily received her Master's degree in Human Development from Virginia Tech in 2016. Emily provides therapy to individuals, couples, and families to strengthen relational bonds, develop skills to improve communication, and enhance emotional closeness. She has a deep appreciation for the strength and vulnerability that clients bring and expresses that in the room by providing a safe space for each client. Emily creates a supportive environment of empathy, trust, confidence and success when working with her clients. In other settings, Emily has worked with individuals, couples and families across developmental stages dealing with various issues. You can reach her

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Emily Dowling, MFT Intern

Emily Dowling is in her final year of the highly regarded and rigorous graduate program at Va Tech. She will receive her M.S. in Human Development/Marriage and Family Therapy in May 2020. As an MFT Intern, she sees individuals, couples, and families in weekly therapy. Emily has completed the four-day Externship in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) and will continue to develop her application of EFT at WBCEFT under the weekly supervision of Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D., LMFT, AAMFT-Approved Supervisor.

In addition to EFT, Emily is passionate about providing clients with opportunities for personal growth and enhancing connection in both couple and family relationships. She is currently conducting thesis research on military couples.

Emily attended California State University Fullerton, where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in psychology with emphases in communication and multicultural studies. As the spouse of a United States Marine, Emily understands how work stress can impact relationships and believes that open communication, flexibility, and the willingness to be vulnerable are key to creating strong bonds.

You can reach Emily by emailing or by calling 703-942-9835.