We are affiliated with the International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) originated by Sue Johnson, Ed.D., and provided training and consultation in EFT for mental health professionals.

EFT is an empirically validated, humanistic psychotherapeutic approach to working with couples.

As an organization committed to excellence in EFT training, we offer all levels of instruction: introductions to the model, Externships, Core Skills Trainings, special topics trainings including working with trauma and Stage Two Change Events as well as other trainings and supervision groups. You will find our upcoming trainings listed on the left.

We also have listings of local Certified EFT therapists. All of these professionals have completed the Externship and are members of ICEEFT. For more information about any of the professionals listed, please contact them directly.

We welcome your participation in any of our trainings and look forward to working with you.

Trainings at WBCEFT are lead by Dr. Kathryn Rheem who continues to be mentored by Dr. Sue Johnson (pictured above). Kathryn is a Certified ICEEFT Trainer who trains mental health clinicians internationally. We offer all of the required EFT trainings for ICEEFT Certification, as well as special topics and advanced EFT trainings. You can take The EFT Externship, Core Skills, as wells as specialized EFT trainings all at our conveniently located Falls Church location.

Video Cafe

The Cafe is a safe space to grow your EFT skills, improve your confidence, and engage with fellow EFT therapists. We teach online classes and make remote learning intimate.

Instead of watching a live session, which can be intense and leave you wondering what happened next, you watch a real couple over time as Dr. Kathryn Rheem, ICCEFT Certified EFT Trainer, experiences setbacks and breakthroughs. Jen picks poignant spots and asks elucidating questions. After we watch a clip of Kathryn’s work together, Jen, Captain of the Global EFT Community, leads a conversation where she slows, grounds, and distills the points Kathryn is making. Always with her finger on the pulse, Jen’s knack to shine a light on the same part you were wondering about is surreal. Jen and Kathryn, your Café guides and teachers, will help you build confidence as you gain skills.

Training Tape Packages

If you are current subscriber to the Stage 2 Video Packages, please click here:

Subscriptions for the Stage 2 Video Packages are now closed. If you are interested in online learning opportunities, please click here:

The Externship

The EFT Externship is the introductory four-day training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and also the pre-requisite for all other trainings. It includes an overview of the entire model including steps and stages, interventions, adult attachment theory, and application of EFT with couples and families. The Externship is recommended for all types of mental health clinicians who counsel or want to counsel couples.    

Core Skills

Participants that have completed The Externship and want to continue learning EFT can continue on to Core Skills. Core Skills is the second EFT training series required for EFT certification. Core Skills takes place over 4 separate weekends. During each weekend specific emphasis and immersion is placed on each stage and step of EFT. 



Our Director, Kathryn Rheem, welcomes you to the EFT training center at The WBCEFT



Presented by: Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D.

Location: WBCEFT Training Center at 405 N. Washington St. Suite 310, Falls Church VA

Dates: May 12th, 13th, 15th, 16th, 2020

Times:  10 am - 6:30 pm each day including one hour off for lunch (on your own)

Cost: Full-Price Tuition (non-refundable): $975.00

Early Bird Special Tuition (non-refundable): $750 (paid in full by Jan. 15, 2020)

Student Tuition (non-refundable): $600.00 (By application only. Please email emily@wbceft.com for details.)

The EFT Externship is the basic four-day training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and a pre-requisite for all other trainings.  It includes an overview of all aspects of the model including steps and stages, interventions, adult attachment theory, and application of EFT with couples and families. The Externship material is taught with a variety of teaching methods including lecture, interactive discussions, role plays, video demonstrations and live session consultations. The Externship is the pre-requisite for all other trainings in EFT.

Who Should Attend?

The Externship is recommended for all types of mental health clinicians who counsel couples. This training is specifically focused on the use of EFT with couples. 

Brief Objectives:

Externship participants learn how to view relationship distress from an attachment perspective, help partners reprocess the emotional experiences that led to their relationship distress, help couples create new bonding events, and work with clinical impasses. Participants will learn the steps and stages of the model, interventions most commonly used, and how to work with each couple's underlying interactional pattern.  

Participants are strongly encouraged to read Sue Johnson’s (2004) Creating Connections, the basic text of EFT, before the start of the Externship.

CEs: 28 hours for $40 provided by R. Cassidy. For more information, Click Here. 


Presented by: Kathryn Rheem, Ed.D.

Location: WBCEFT Training Center at 405 N. Washington St. Suite 310, Falls Church VA

Dates: Starting in July, 2020. Dates to be announced soon. contact emily@wbceft.com

Cost: $450 per weekend

Who Should attend?

Participants that have completed Externship and want to continue learning EFT beyond Externship can take Core Skills. Core Skills is the second EFT training series required for EFT certification, but pursuing EFT certification is not required for registration.  

Core Skills, as a series, takes place over 4 separate weekends. Each training weekend meets from 1pm-6pm on Friday and from 9am-5pm on Saturday. At The WBCEFT, each new Core Skills series is offered following Externship. We find therapists want to continue their learning while it's fresh and many appreciate getting to train continue with their Externship peers. The series takes about 6 months to complete. When you sign up for The Core Skills Series, you are committing to attend all four weekends since the material taught builds from the previous weekend. 

Brief Objectives:

Over the course of each weekend, we will get to focus and immerse ourselves in the model. The model is broken down over the 4 weekends, allowing for specific emphasis and immersion in each stage and step. Aspects of training include steps and stages, interventions, live consultations, video demonstrations, supervised experiential learning and video case consultation. 

Please note: In order to register for this training, participants must have completed the EFT Externship. Completion of Core Skills is a requirement for EFT certification. In order for your Core Skills participation to count towards your EFT certification, you must show video tape of you working with a couple and or family during one of the 4 weekends.

Join the next EFT Cafe with Kathryn Rheem & Jennifer Olden! 

EFT Cafe logo.png

We offer group and individual supervision at The Washington Baltimore Center. All of our supervisors are Certified ICEEFT supervisors or ICEEFT Supervisors-in-training, most of whom offer in-person and virtual meeting options. 

Like our model, our supervision sessions are collaborative and relational. We want supervision to feel safe, supportive, and even fun! Below you can find a listing of our running supervision groups. To inquire about individual supervision, please contact one of our supervisors directly.


Independent Supervisors

Jill Soyka, LCSW and Melissa Peters, LCSW, (pictured above) are the EFT supervision specialists at The WBCEFT. Melissa and Jill are seasoned clinicians and lifelong friends with decades of clinical experience, but mostly they are diehard EFT nerds who love to help others learn the model. Each are Certified EFT Supervisors and Therapists who did their own EFT training at the WBCEFT and are known for running groups that are an experience in EFT – their passion for EFT is contagious! As Melissa and Jill say, “we are learning it, loving it, and living it, together”.

Jill specializes in EFIT Supervision (Emotionally Focused Therapy with Individuals), and Melissa has a special focus and passion for helping clinicians reach EFT Certification.

About our Supervision Groups:

2019-2020 EFT Supervision Group at The WBCEFT

Supersized Tango Group: come and dance the tango with the EFT Nerds.

Registration opens this Friday, August 16th!

We are rolling out a brand new group because EFT is changing! The emphasis on the EFT tango has shifted how we learn, teach, and practice EFT. Never ones to be shy, we’re jumping in and want you to come along!

Instead of two separate groups, we are running 1 big group with 2 different concentration tracks. Whether you want to focus on EFT Couples therapy or master EFIT with individuals—we got you covered!

We think this idea is the bomb!  Two EFT supervisors? Yes! Exposure to both EFIT and EFT? Yes!  Access to a larger network of your EFT peeps while hanging out at the WBCEFT? Yes! Laughing at the silliness that often ensues when Jill and Melissa work together? Yes!

How it works:

Group meets in-person every month at The WBCEFT in Falls Church, starting this September, from 10am-12pm on the following dates: 

September 13th, October 18th, November 8th, December 13th, January 10th, February 7th, March 13th, April 17th, May 15th

At registration, clinicians will sign up and choose a concentration track:

-EFT with Individuals (EFIT)  with Jill 

-EFT for Couples with Melissa

We have 16 spots. Each track has room for 8 clinicians. Most supervision meetings will be spent with your smaller group, but during the year, we will bring everyone together for some supersized supervision! Focused on the key elements of the tango, our double group sessions will include teaching from both Melissa and Jill, group processing, and experiential learning!

Ready to join? Want to learn more?

Open to Certified EFT therapists in the Washington DC Metro area. Run by Melissa Peters, LCSW, ICEEFT Certified Supervisor and Therapist 

Meets in-person every other month at The WBCEFT on the second Friday 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Gain support from your peers, get the chance to get into the nitty-gritty of EFT and EFT supervision, and be a part of building and supporting our local EFT community. Contact Melissa directly to inquire about joining this ongoing supervision group.

Certified Groups

Core Skills Support Group with Melissa Peters, LCSW

The Core Skills Support Supervision Group (CSS) is a great way to bolster your EFT learning. This all-virtual supervision group, open only to your CS cohort, meets twice during the Core Skills Series.

As adult learners, we need repetition; it speeds up our learning and improves our confidence. At each meeting we review the key points from the previous 2 CS weekends and provide ample time to answer your questions. Members are also invited to share their learning experience with one another. Being supported by your EFT peers normalizes and validates the ups and downs of learning something new. EFT is so much better with a buddy!

Our first meeting, after weekend 2, will focus one stage 1 of EFT. Learning to evoke, track, reflect, and work with the negative cycle experientially is key in EFT. Our second group, after meeting 4, will focus on stage 2 of EFT. Many clinicians get anxious when trying to guide a couple through stage 2, but our meeting will help demystify stage 2 change events.

Registration will open during the first Core Skills weekend this fall. The group will be limited to 10 clinicians and cost $150 in total. If you’re interested in this group, you can contact Melissa directly.

Certification or Bust (COB) with Melissa Peters, LCSW

Working hard towards certification? Need some extra support and focus to get across the finish line? If so, COB could be for you.

COB is a highly focused supervision group for clinicians who are going for it! The group includes teaching, discussion, watching examples of EFT certification tapes, practice time for EFT interventions and some experiential and content focused learning exercises. Most importantly, members will bring their own work and learning process to share with the group.

Learning EFT is an emotional experience for every clinician. Surrounding yourself with other clinicians who are on the same journey can help you feel less stressed and more confident as you learn. Load sharing our experience with one another fundamentally alters, not just our learning, but our felt experience of the entire journey. We hope you will join us!

Requirements: Externship, Core Skills, and EFT individual supervision are prerequisites for this group (participants should have completed at least 2-3 hours of individual EFT supervision prior to COB). While in group, participants will need to be working with multiple couples and taping regularly. Be ready to show your work multiple times!

Location: This hybrid group meets twice a month. In-person sessions are held at The WBCEFT on the 2nd Friday of each month, and virtual sessions are held on the last Friday of each month, except in the month December and March.

If you have questions about COB, please contact Melissa directly.

EFT with Individuals (EFIT) with Jill Soyka, LCSW

Love EFT? Love working with individuals? This group is for you!

In this group, you will learn how to use the power of the mammalian attachment system to regulate emotion with your individual clients. EFT concepts and tools instruct us how to move clients from rigid, narrow ways of coping to more flexible and healthy ways of engaging in their life. In the safe and exciting environment of the group, you will take new risks and feel more confident with your individual therapy skills. Come join us!

Requirement: Externship is a prerequisite for this group. Participants will be active contributors to the group in one of the following ways: 1) show a 10-minute clip of audio/video tape of an individual session (does not have to be pure EFT) OR 2) verbally present a case for consultation.

Certified Supervisor Group

Open to Certified EFT Supervisors and EFT Supervisors-In-Training in the Washington DC Metro area. Meets in-person every other month at The WBCEFT on the last Friday of each month from 12:30pm to 2:30pm. Gain support from your peers, get the chance to get into the nitty-gritty of EFT and EFT supervision, and be a part of building and supporting our local EFT community. Contact Melissa directly to inquire about joining this ongoing supervision group.