Video Cafe

The Cafe is a safe space to grow your EFT skills, improve your confidence, and engage with fellow EFT therapists. We teach online classes and make remote learning intimate.

Instead of watching a live session, which can be intense and leave you wondering what happened next, you watch a real couple over time as Dr. Kathryn Rheem, ICCEFT Certified EFT Trainer, experiences setbacks and breakthroughs. Jen picks poignant spots and asks elucidating questions. After we watch a clip of Kathryn’s work together, Jen, Captain of the Global EFT Community, leads a conversation where she slows, grounds, and distills the points Kathryn is making. Always with her finger on the pulse, Jen’s knack to shine a light on the same part you were wondering about is surreal. Jen and Kathryn, your Café guides and teachers, will help you build confidence as you gain skills.

Training Tape Packages

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The Externship

The EFT Externship is the introductory four-day training in Emotionally Focused Therapy and also the pre-requisite for all other trainings. It includes an overview of the entire model including steps and stages, interventions, adult attachment theory, and application of EFT with couples and families. The Externship is recommended for all types of mental health clinicians who counsel or want to counsel couples.    

Core Skills

Participants that have completed The Externship and want to continue learning EFT can continue on to Core Skills. Core Skills is the second EFT training series required for EFT certification. Core Skills takes place over 4 separate weekends. During each weekend specific emphasis and immersion is placed on each stage and step of EFT.